Our simulators are valuable tools that are necessary for medical personnel to improve their skills and professionalism in a constant practice to provide the best medical services to their patients.

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MediSimu - Laparoscopic training box

MediSimu Laparoscopy training box is an affordable tool to use with your own instruments and trainers, with diferent laparoscopy situations. We keep this product with low cost and FREE shipment !
A partir de $495.90

MediSimu - Complete Laparoscopy Simulator kit for practice

MediSimu is a complete solution to improve your laparoscopic skills. Wether you are a doctor, students, resident or any of the OR medical staff, and you want to practice , as well as to be prepare for the FLS test.
A partir de $895.90

MediSimu with Tablet - Complete Laparoscopic Simulator

MediSimu - Complete Laparoscopy Training Simulator with Tablet is all include to practice with diferent laparoscopy situations. For institutions such as hospitals, we can provide a web app that allows users to gather practice times and track the improvement process. For more information contact us via the contact form The laparoscopy trainer has a tablet and a magnetic card reader for collecting training time. The gole of this Laparoscopy Training Simulatoris is to assist doctors, students, residents, and any medical staff who need or want to practice in laparoscopy. It will improve your skills and control, and getting ready for the FLS test. We have a huge experiance with handred of users worldwide.
A partir de $1,669.90